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"Dewar's" Caribbean Smooth 8 Years Old is an eight-year-old blended Scotch whiskey. The peculiarity, or rather - the "highlight" of this whiskey is that the ag

"Dewar's" Caribbean Smooth 8 Years Old is an eight-year-old blended Scotch whiskey. The peculiarity, or rather - the "highlight" of this whiskey is that the aging is carried out in barrels previously used for aging Caribbean rum. This technology gives the drink extra softness and intriguing taste with nuances of tropical fruits and caramel.

The John Dewar and Sons company was founded in 1846 in Scotland. At first, she did not achieve any significant success, but in 1881 John's sons, John Alexander and Thomas Robert joined the cause. It was they who breathed new life into the family distillery, especially Tommy, who traveled around the world and everywhere advertised his goods and looked for sales agents who contributed to the promotion of Dewar's products. Soon the company had to build an additional Aberfeldy distillery, and later several more. Dewar's was the first whiskey to be sold in bottles; before that, whiskey was sold only in keg barrels in pubs and bars.
In 1893, the company awarded the title of official supplier of the Queen Victoria’s court, after which all English monarchs recognized “Dewar's” as the best of Scotch whiskeys. The kings of Spain and Sweden, the German Kaiser Wilhelm and even US President Benjamin Harrison shared their opinion. And the prestigious Export Achievement Award, founded by Queen Elizabeth II, was awarded 7 times by John Dewar and Sons. Over its history, Dewar's products have received over 200 awards - much more than any other whiskey. Whiskey "Dewar's" has the status of Scotch whiskey No. 1 in the US and No. 6 in the world. Today "Dewar's" is one of the most famous brands of whiskey in the world!


Whiskey golden amber color.


The whiskey has a soft, enveloping taste with nuances of brown sugar, notes of tropical fruits and sophisticated caramel touch in a stable finish.


The aroma of whiskey is pleasant, quite intense, with subtle notes of caramel, honey, and dried fruits.


It is recommended to use whiskey in its pure form, adding ice if desired. It can be used as an ingredient for cocktails.

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